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    The Commission is moving toward providing compliance reports electronically. Please make sure that your e-mail address information is accurate. Login to your online attorney profile to check your account for accuracy. Make changes at






Yes, but you will be charged $2.00 per credit hour.  We must reverse the attorney's compliance year and post the attendance manually, then move the attorney back to the current compliance year.  The $1.00 fee is only available when no manual handling is required.

You MUST contact the Commission and have the hours previously reported for the speaker deleted from thier account. Once they have been deleted, you can resubmit the proper credit for the speaker.  If you submit attendance prior to the attendance being deleted, it will be seen as a duplicate posting and ignored.   You will not be given a credit for the attendance that was removed so will need to pay the posting fee for the new submittal for the speaker.

Once attendance has been posted to an attorney's account, it will not repost.  Subsequesnt attendance batches for the same attendee are ignored by our system.  If attendance batches are submitted multiple times, only those attendee who have not received credit previously will post.

If your attendance batch says pending, it has not been properly submitted.

No, Tennessee charges a posting fee for each hour of attendance reported to the Commission.  Providers are not currently charged a submittal or accreditation fee for each course submitted for approval.

A number of things can cause this. 


1.   You never submitted to attendance batch, it is still showing as pending.

2.          2.  The BPR number you used to enter attendance for the attorney was not accurate, so the attorney         didn’t get the credit.

3.          3.  When you submitted the course, you said the provider would pay the posting fee.  If it hasn’t been       paid, the attendance will not be posted.

4.   When you submitted the course you said attorney pays the posting fee and the attorney                hasn’t paid


The attendance will post within one hour of your online payment, no matter when it was paid.

Payments are not applied to specific courses or batches.  They are simply credits toward the balance you owe.   If the payment is not sufficient to pay the balance due, the batch/course will not post.

You multiply the total number of attendance hours you submitted and multiply by $1.00.  If you had ten attendees and they each attended for 1.5 hours, you would owe $15.00.

No, there is no automatic calculation.  Marking someone as a speaker only allows you to give them more credit than the course was approved for.  The provider must calculate the number of hours they should receive and enter those hours for the speaker.  

If the speaker had five (5) or more pages of handouts, they get four (4) times the number of hours they spoke.  If they had four (4) or fewer handouts, they get two (2) times the number of hours they spoke.

NO.  Any subsequest postings to the same attorney for the same course are seen as duplicate postings and ignored.   To correct an erroneously reported attendance amount you must contact the CLE Commission and have us delete the incorrect posting.  Then you can submit the attendance for that attorney again.  Don't forget to pay the posting fee for the new attendance being reported.

Check and see if you submitted the batches twice.  That is generally the problem.

Pull up the course.  Click on the MAIN tab and look in the notes section.   The reason(s) for the denial will be listed in this section.  

Paying on-line is a two-step process. First you have to create an invoice and then you have to pay it.

To create an invoice:

• click on the Account tab

• click on [Online Invoices/Payments]

• click on [New]

• create and provide a description for the invoice (be sure to check the category of payment and input the amount you want to pay)

• click on [Next]

• save the invoice by clicking [Save/Print Invoice]

• and click [Return to Invoices]

To pay the invoice you just created:

• click on the sideways black diamond to highlight the invoice you wish to pay

• click [Pay Online]

This should take you to the actual payment processing site. Once you've input your credit card information and submitted it, you will have the option to print a receipt. Go to that screen. It will look like the invoice except that it will say "receipt." If you get the receipt to print, you're home free. If you have problems, call our office for help at 615-741-3096.

"CLE Commission" should be sufficient.  Make sure your provider acronym is showing on the check so we will know where to apply the funds.

Unlike many states, we do not charge a fee to accredit a course.  The only fees we charge are for posting the attendance.

I the provider is paying the posting fee, they will need to pay the additional credit for the instructor as well.  It is simply treated as attendance.

Yes.   So long as you are modifying the original course and attendance has never been submitted for this course number.   

No.   You can highlight the course and click on the copy icon.  Make the appropriate changes for the new course and submit it for approval.

NO.  Courses held two or more years ago should not be reported.  Our system will not post courses held more than one year from the current year.