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How to Make a Payment Online

Disable any popup blocker BEFORE you begin the transaction.  You may not be able to complete your transaction if popups are disabled.

Click here to log in with your 6 digit BPR # and PIN.  

    1. Look for the "Account" tab in the gray header area under the large red header.  

      Atty Account tab

    2. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the 'Online Invoices/Payments' button. The system will promtpt you to create an invoice and then pay the invoice.
    3. Click "New" at the bottom of th epage to create an invoice. Enter your own description.
    4. Select the Category for payment and enter the amount you wish to pay. Do not enter the $ symbol.Click 'Next'.
    5. Click 'Save/Print Invoice' (If you need  a copy of this invoice you must print it at this time)Click 'Return to invoices'
    6. Click on the small black arrow to the left of the invoice to highlight it you wish to pay.The line will turn blue.
    7. Click 'Pay Online FIS'. A new window will open for you to complete your credit card transaction. Please make sure any popup blocker is turned OFF.  Do Not close this window - it will take a few seconds for the page to populate.  
    8. Enter your name as it appears on your credit card. Enter your STATEMENT billing address.
    9. Enter your card information and CVV code, then click continue.
    10. After the card is verified, you will get a Payment Preview page. You must click on "Process Payment" at the bottom to complete the transaction


If your payment is successful, a receipt will process to your email.



If you see the word "Pending" in the status box it means your payment did NOT go through and the system does not know what to do. The "Pay Online FIS" button and the "Delete" button will be greyed out.  That means you never submitted the payment due an error in the information entered.  You will not be able to use that invoice. You will need to create a new invoice in order to make a payment.

FIS error message jpg