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Covid -19 modified forms are at the bottom of the page and do not require notarization.


After clicking link, click [Save a Copy] on the Adobe tool bar to save a copy. Covid 19 modified forms are at the bottom of the page.

Affidavit of Compliance - Use this form to send course information to avoid suspension or to request reinstatement

Affidavit Supplemental Page

Affidavit of Sole Authorship

Affidavit of Joint Authorship

Law Practice Management Checklist

Request for Earned Indigent Defense Credits

Request Inactive Status

Application for AGE Exemption

Request for Out-of-State, On-Line and Other Unpaid Credits - Use this form to report course attendance. Do not use the affidavit form.

Uniform Certificate of Attendance- Use this form for provider verification of attendance

Request for Substitute Program/Request for Exceptional Relief

Application for Tennessee Supreme Court Approval of Legal Assistance Organization


Any attorney having a situation which requires exceptional relief may contact the Commission by e-mail, fax (615-532-2477), letter or any other form of communication. Contact information for the staff of the Commission can be found at this link.



Affidavit of Compliance

Affidavit of Sole Authorship

Affidavit of Joint Authorship